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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Navy drills emergency response before fleet show

PATTAYA - While preparing Pattaya Bay to host ships from dozens of foreign countries, the navy practiced its response to emergencies before the international fleet...

Thai police search for 20 suspected Uighurs on the run

Bangkok (AP) — Police said Tuesday they were stepping up security along the country's borders as they searched for around 20 suspected ethnic Uighurs...

Meteorological Office warns of more rain in many parts of the country

Bangkok - Four provinces in the central and northeastern regions of Thailand have continued to battle against flooding with areas of the south, central...

Culture Ministry calls for return of ancient Thai artifacts

Bangkok - The Ministry of Culture is speeding up the process for the return of ancient Thai artifacts from overseas. The ministry's ad hoc committee...

Tourists generate 2.1 trillion baht during first 10 months

Bangkok - The Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Sports, Pongpanu Svetarundra, said arrivals to Thailand generated tourism revenue of more than 2.1 trillion baht...

Latest Stories