Dining Out

Dining at the Bay

Friday, 22 May 2015 Current Issue
We were reminded by Vanjie Lauzon, the Assistant Director of Communications for the Dusit Thani Resort, that it had been some time since we dined and reviewed the Bay restaurant…
Friday May 15 - May 21, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 20)

Jameson’s Irish Pub - the landmark?

Friday, 15 May 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 20
These days, Jameson’s is a landmark, nestling beside Nova Park, and well known to anyone who enjoys a drink and a chat and a hearty meal, which is the reason…
Friday May 8 - May 14, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 19)

Larn Thong - Authentic Thai Traditions

Friday, 08 May 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 19
I believe many residents of Pattaya think that the Royal Cliff is for tourists. It isn’t. It is for all of us, and what a choice is awaiting the local…
Friday May 1 - May 7, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 18)

DeVine goes to Northern Italy

Friday, 01 May 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 18 By Dr. Iain Corness
The Royal Cliff Wine Club was launched on 28th April 2001 to show the resort’s enthusiasm for promoting wines and hosting wine-related events. It has enjoyed tremendous success from its…
Friday April 24 - April 30, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 17)


Friday, 24 April 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 17
Looking in my diary, I found it had been over 18 months since we last ate at Yupins in the Jomtien Complex. This was a situation that had to be…
Friday April 17 - April 23, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 16)

Witherspoons Pub and Restaurant

Friday, 17 April 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 16 By Miss Terry Diner
I had been to Witherspoons bar once before, and it was a live music night, and it was packed. This time, the Dining Out Team went on a Wednesday lunchtime,…
Friday April 10 - April 16, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 15)

Athena - more than a Greco/Roman Goddess

Friday, 10 April 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 15
There are some goddesses in Jomtien, but only one with a famous name and history. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic war, mathematics,…
Friday April 3 - April 9, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 14)

Chok Dee - and it’s more than good luck!

Friday, 03 April 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 14 By Miss Terry Diner
Where in the West, the common greeting after clinking glasses together, is “Cheers!”, in Thailand it is “Chok Dee!” and this means “good luck” said Lek, the owner of the…
Friday March 27 - April 2, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 13)
The Amari’s Mantra restaurant was the venue for their latest wine dinner, overseen by the Amari’s new executive chef, native Italian Maurizio Susan, and featured wines from Australia, with the…
Friday March 20 - March 26, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 12)

Indian Roots

Friday, 20 March 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 12
A new Indian restaurant has just opened up on the “dark side” on the edge of the Mabprachan Reservoir (AKA Mabprachan Lake or Mabprachan Dam). It is the brainchild of…
Friday February 27 - March 5, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 9)

MAYs Urban Thai restaurant

Friday, 27 February 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 9 By Miss Terry Diner
Living in Thailand, we are naturally surrounded by Thai restaurants, with the majority being street-side and turning out quite reasonable food. However, despite the plethora of Thai dishes available, there…
Friday February 20 - February 26, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 8)

Edelweiss, Edelweiss (sing along if you wish)

Friday, 20 February 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 8 By Miss Terry Diner
The Sound of Music was a very successful movie starring Julie Andrews as the Austrian Maria Von Trapp, with the number Edelweiss remaining in every movie-goer’s memory. However, “Leontopodium alpinum”…
Friday February 13 - February 19, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 7)

BBQ breakfast and BBQ lunch buffets at Casa Pascal

Friday, 13 February 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 7 By Miss Terry Diner
For many people, “breakfast” is the most important meal of the day. For others, it is a substantial lunch. Whatever, Casa Pascal has both of them covered, with their BBQ…
Friday February 6 - February 12, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 6)

AEC - is it a restaurant or an art gallery

Friday, 06 February 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 6 By Miss Terry Diner
Thai food is lauded throughout the world, and we who live here are really quite spoiled for choice - but there is a downside to this as well. True “Thai”…
Friday January 30 - February 5, 2015 (Vol. XXIII No. 5)

A holiday for Mum at Holiday Inn

Friday, 30 January 2015 Issue Vol. XXIII No. 5 By Miss Terry Diner
Sundays are good days for a family to get out and relax somewhere, and give Mum the day off cooking duties. The best way is with Sunday Brunches, but for…
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