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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]: 

Lesson in nutrition from Mr Universe

A-Lo-Ha from Chantaburi, and Kittipob’s home from home

Body Zone increases Refresh Spa facilities

New Beyond Slender franchise supports the beauty market

Hotel furnishings a bargain at secondhand shop

A grove growing in the middle of town

Samitivej Sriracha Hospital celebrates 12th anniversary and looks forward to expansion

Lesson in nutrition from Mr Universe

The message that Bart Vandermolan, the current amateur Mr. Universe, had for the members of the Pattaya City Expats Club at their Sunday meeting was “if you want to get rid of your fat – eat more often”. This certainly grabbed the attention of an amazed audience to his talk about nutrition.

The main thrust of his message was that if people want to lose their obesity then the best thing to do was eat more often! He reiterated that many people have been led to believe that they should eat plenty of salads and vegetables, rather like a rabbit, but the human body is not a rabbit. The human body needs calories according to a height/weight/age ratio and a typical 80 kilo man needs between 2,500 and 3,000 calories a day.

Bart Vandermolan (2nd right), current amateur Mr. Universe talked about his views on nutrition at the Pattaya City Expat Club.

He went on to comment at length and give examples that if we do not feed the body with the necessary calories then it is the muscles that lose their tone not the body its corpulence. The body should have as low as 3% body fat – to attain this Bart insists that the best way is to eat at least 5 times a day.

Every time one eats the stomach is set in motion, sucks out the nutrients from the food and sends it to the muscles. In doing so it is using energy which is sourced in part from the “fat” of the body. Meals should be built around the necessary number of calories and therefore should provide about 500 calories every four hours.

In order to lose “fat” one has to change one’s eating habits and stop the body from “storing” fat. One can “burn” off a certain amount of the excess, but changing the eating habits and exercise can speed up the process. His suggestion was that an hour’s concentrated exercise three times a week should be plenty, no need to go crazy.

This all began to sound too good to be true. Then Bart explained that much of his nutrients came in fluid form … even the 48 eggs he eats every day! He also warned against the easy mistake many people fall into in this social atmosphere of eating at the wrong time. Many people skip breakfast and eat large meals in the evening when they are relaxing with friends. He explained that the body will be full when we go to bed but it will have 8 hours to empty and still needs energy to function during the day. This will come from muscle tone not the extra kilos of fat added from the night before!

He spoke about the problems of diet to lose weight, citing that with any diet, when one has attained a goal many just forget the diet until they have again put on weight. With his methods of regular controlled eating and some extra exercise there is no need for supplements, or dietary products.

His firm produces a protein powder, which was the 4th fastest growing industry in America, which provides the necessary requirements in easy form and is now produced in Thailand. He also stressed that multigrain breads are better than the white variety and warned against the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

A-Lo-Ha from Chantaburi, and Kittipob’s home from home

Chatchanan Chaisree

A longtail boat brought tourists and reporters through the mangroves and into the Wang Kung area around Prued Island, in the Klung district of Chantaburi province. Project owner Kittipob Chantaworakul, who has just received a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts in Bangkok, welcomed his visitors while changing their boat at the Kayang Temple to continue on to the Wang Kung Home Stay.

Tourists catch shrimp and crab on the boat.

Kittipob said that this project started from his parents who are Chinese and have a big family. The family has always invited friends to escape the congested traffic and pollution of Bangkok to stay here for a while. The quiet charm of the mangroves encourages visitors to tell their own relatives and friends, and the fame of this placid spot has spread.

Activities in Home Stay are mostly connected with the daily life of the local habitants, including activities like fishing, crabbing, catching squid, and shrimp farm work. Naturally, this leads to eating fresh products from the menu, such as steamed sea crab, fried crab with curry powder, stream shrimp, stream squid with lemon, and fresh oysters.

Lodging with meals (excluding beverages) is 1,000 baht per person. There is a discount of 20 percent with three meals for adults and 50 percent off for children until the end of this year.

To get there: By car, take the Laem Sing road through Laem Sing Hospital to the police box, then turn left to Koh Preud and continue to Thep Kayang Temple. The boat from A-Lo-Ha waits to pick you up there. By water take the boat at Klung Municipality Pier, and it will take you about 30 minutes to reach Home Stay.

If you are a nature lover, and are interested in the life to be found amongst the mangroves, and you like the idea of fishing for crabs, shrimp and squid and eating fresh seafood cooked by the villagers, you will enjoy Home Stay. You will sleep soundly in a small wooden lodging surrounded by mangrove plants, and enjoy the warmth and kindness of Kittipob and family. Reservations can be made with: Kittipob Chantaworakul, 61/1 Moo 4, Bangchan Sub-district, Klung District, Chantaburi Province 22110, tel. 01-8357687, 06-0327943.

Body Zone increases Refresh Spa facilities

Suchada Tupchai

Refresh Fitness and Spa on Pratamnak Road held a reception on July 2 to celebrate the opening of its new facilities. Directors Danchai Nalintiphyawong, Narongsak Thianhed and Anurak Meesuk hosted the celebrations, with guests including Chaliew Intarapimol, Nisarat Kansirirat and Thitiporn Meesuk.

Ribbon cutting for the expansion of Refresh Fitness and Spa (front from left) Thitiporn Meesuk, Nisarat Kansirirat and Chaleaw Intarapimol, (back from left) Danchai Nalintiphyawong, Narongsak Thianhed and Anurak Meesuk.

Danchai said the Refresh Fitness and Spa opened in February 2003, and is divided into two areas for its fitness and spa facilities. The area has now been increased by 800sq m to add a special Body Zone that will provide services including aerobics and yoga.

Celebrations included a stage show and the sale of game tickets, the proceeds of which will go towards funding Mabfakthong School’s computer rooms.

New Beyond Slender franchise supports the beauty market

Suchada Tupchai

Samerkhae Ketphasook, president of Chonburi Red Cross, was opening presenter on July 9 for Beyond Slender, a new beauty shop situated on Pattaya Third Road near the South Pattaya traffic light. Damrongsak and Sumontha Lawang are managers of the outlet, a franchise owned by hi-so businessman Nithitas Mapol, who also owns Beyond Success (Thailand) Co. Ltd, and who was present for the opening.

Lovely models participated in the fashion show and displayed the Beyond Slender products.

The Lawangs said that they have been interested in beauty salons for a long time, especially the products from Beyond Success which they had already tried for themselves. So they decided to go into the Beyond Slender franchise, which specializes in beauty services.

A fashion show was part of the opening celebrations, along with facial massage demonstrations and the presentation of awards. A portion of the day’s income was donated to Chonburi Red Cross.

Hotel furnishings a bargain at secondhand shop

Chatchanan Chaisree

If furnishing your home with fixtures and fittings from a hotel appeals, head for Ampika Soodkeaw’s secondhand shop in Ban Amphor Square, Sattahip.

Here you will find goods from hotels in Bangkok and Phuket that are being refurbished or demolished to make way for newer properties. Items on display include curtains, lamps, sofas, chairs, carpets, bathroom equipment, jacuzzis and air conditioners.

This couple said they are waiting for their new house to be completed and are scouting around for furniture and fittings.

Ampika says that the shop was her brother’s idea. He first opened up in Phuket, and experiencing success he decided to expand into Pattaya.

All the equipment is in 70-80 percent good condition, Ampika said, and they have technicians on hand to repair and renovate. The shop is promoted by direct mailings to apartments and hotels, and in a neat twist many hotels in Pattaya are buying goods that previously graced another hotel.

While Pattaya Mail was on the shop premises a foreigner with his Thai wife came to select some furnishings. The couple said they are waiting for their new house to be completed and are scouting around for furniture and fittings. They saw the shop advertisement in the window and were impressed by the quality of what was on offer.

Ampika said the shop has a free delivery service. Those interested can call any day at tel 01-5378449 and speak to Ampika Soodkeaw, or 06-5246873 for Suwadee Soodkaew.

A grove growing in the middle of town

Chatchanan Chaisree

Standing in the grounds of the Chaba Hut Resort after a downpour, with the fragrance of wet earth and flowers, and with traditional buildings surrounding us, it is hard to believe that town is only a few metres away.

This hut, next to the swimming pool, typifies the beautiful surroundings at Chaba Hut.

Hosting the Pattaya Mail visit to Chaba Hut were general managers Jennarong and Somsri Chatraksa, along with manager Chitiphan Chanthong. The resort is on Soi Buakow. The owner grew up in the North, and loves natural surroundings. Thus came the idea of creating a grove in town.

The resort stands on a 3-rai plot of land, with its buildings in three styles, namely applied Thai designs, partial timbering, and Japanese-style brick. Bamboo is planted around the houses along with tall flowering plants, with the houses set high so residents can enjoy the surroundings. A swimming pool is located in the middle of the resort, encircled by colorful heliconia flowers.

Samitivej Sriracha Hospital celebrates 12th anniversary and looks forward to expansion

Suchada Tupchai

Samitivej Sriracha Hospital celebrated its 12th anniversary on July 2 with a reception opened by Chonburi Governor Pisit Ketphasook and Chonburi Region 5 MP Ittipol Kunplome. The event was attended by dignitaries such as Sriracha Mayor Chatchai Timkrachang, Chonburi district chief Banjob Rungroj, and the media. Hospital director Dr Pirus Pradithavanij and his team hosted the event.

Honored guests cut the 12th anniversary cake.

Dr Pirus said the hospital is expanding quickly, with the number of patients increasing at the rate of 10 to 15 percent. The patients are not just from the immediate locality but from Bangsaen, Panatnikom, Banbueng, and Chachoengsao province. It is expected that the number of foreign patients will increase when the new airport opens, especially from the Japanese sector.

A new wing is planned for the hospital under a 30 million baht budget, which will allow space in the existing building to be used for an intensive care unit, due to open in September, and conference facilities. A 40 million baht budget has been set aside for new medical equipment and services.

Along with the celebrations and cake cutting, Samitivej Sriracha Hospital’s anniversary was marked by the awarding of 12 scholarships to underprivileged students in Sriracha and its environs. Other community services to mark the occasion included the provision of an outdoor stage for the Sriracha municipality to use for public purposes, and a public medical checkup program that will run through to July 29.

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