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Friday July 22 - July 28, 2005

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“St Andrews Superstars”

Asian U visits U-Tapao

Jesters ‘Caring For Kids’ – More Than Ever Before

“St Andrews Superstars”

Karn Lertchaipattanakul, Year 8

Friday June 24 marked the end of the beginning of the St Andrews Performance Arts Department as we held our first fund raising concert, “St Andrews Superstars”.

As Mr. Andrew Watson stood up to announce the beginning of the concert, we performers knew it was soon to be our turn to perform. Before that moment arrived, crowds of spectators were flocking into the multi-purpose room which had been magically transformed from a great big space into our venue for the concert! The walls were lined with magical Afghan carpets in order to absorb the sound.

The spotlight shone onto the stage which revealed where we would be performing as well as one of the highlights of today: The Yamaha pianoforte.

Blue and Mary Lou

Before going any further, I would like to reveal to you the main reasons for this concert. The first reason was to celebrate our musical talents from beginners to advanced levels. And of course, everyone’s talent will not stay at the same place forever because there is always room for improvement. It is important to recognise that we all have to start at the same place in order to become as good as Mozart or Beethoven so for this concert, we are actually seeing the steps a composer will have to take before they can become very good. So in this case, we showcased talents right through from Reception to Year 9. We also showcased the talents of other musicians in the community by inviting Tim and Wendy Weng from GIS to play the piano.

Secondly, this concert is to raise awareness of the new Performing Arts Department in general and music in particular. The fundraising element of the concert was to raise money to pay for the very instrument many of us would be playing – the piano.

Catrine from Year 5 performed a hilarious version of Elvis’ “You are the devil in disguise”.

You can imagine how your stomach can churn when it is your turn to perform, especially when you are the first performer. Gabriel from Year 3 did extremely well to overcome his feelings and went on to deliver a superb performance on his recorder. Well done Gabriel for withstanding the challenge of being first!

In the first half, the variety of pieces and instruments made the ambience exciting. Jay from Year 3 showcased her talents by putting on a spectacular performance of Mozart. Then, we witnessed the start of one’s journey to become an excellent musician with Blue from reception playing her piece. The first half ended with Tee from Year 4 giving a performance of “Can’t take my eyes off you.”

Then came the interval. Mr. Frost and our Year 11 students put in a great deal of effort to create their own wines which the audience was invited to judge and taste. All tasters were advised not to swallow the wine and to prove it, there was a giant skeleton saying it would not have gotten to become a skeleton if it hadn’t swallowed the wine! I hope that’s a joke!

More than two glasses impairs judgment!

As part of the Chemistry of Wine project, our Year 11 students had to design labels for the wine as well as to give it a name. They had to ferment the fruit to make the wine, test its pH (acidity and alkaline). The candidates’ wines that were tasted were called, “Banana Paradise”, “Peach Mist”, “Kiwi Heaven” and “Apfel (Apple) Hock”.

Judging was done by the bravest of the audience and they had to give points for both the presentation and the taste. In the end, Steffi’s Banana Paradise won both prizes. The PTG also provided some more wine, food and drinks. Mr. Frost promised to produce some more wine next year with more advanced technology!

Superstars one and all.

The interval ended and people refilled the multi purpose room for the second half of the concert. Naz from Year 8 put on a very spectacular dance which she had choreographed. Sinead from Year 9 calmed the audience with her flute, Jackie taught the audience how good poetry can be when combined with Mozart by reading 2 poems composed by Emily Dickinson. Shamayim from Year 8 played Fur Elise beautifully and Catrine from Year 5 performed a hilarious version of Elvis’ “You are the devil in disguise”. The victim of this performance was Miss Bennet who was accused of being the devil in disguise! Perhaps, Catrine is Elvis in disguise!

The French trio, Lucie, Margaux and Celine showed the real French connection by playing beautifully. Mr. Janssens, our special guest, played Bach on his flute with great skill. Mrs. Marielle Belboech played a soft gentle piece on the flute and Mr. Watson played the powerful Israeli anthem Hatikva (The hope).

The show ended with Jodie, Anna and Tanya from Year 7 singing their song. After that, there was a group photograph. This concert as announced by Mr. Watson, marks the end of the beginning of the St Andrews new Visual and Performance Arts Department. St Andrews will of course develop to become the centre of excellence for these subjects. The ‘end’ shall never exist for we can never stop improving ourselves, just like we can’t learn something new so be prepared for another concert soon!

Thank you to all the audience and the people who made this lovely evening possible, including Mrs. Belboech, Khun Nok, the maintenance team, Mrs. Birgit Pahl, the PTG, Khun Seesa-ang and Mr. Frost.

Thank you also to Mr. Muhammad Ali Baba of Afghan Carpet House (our sponsor) for all the carpets as well as Khun Thavee Kongthongkrai of Piano House service, Bangkok for bestowing the piano. And lots of thanks go to Tim and Wendy Weng for their effort into this performance as well as their support for this evening. And thank you once again for the audience who realised the importance of a musical concert like this. And of course, may praise go to our performers for this event as without them, the event wouldn’t exist just like a fire wouldn’t exist without oxygen! And to name them, they are: Blue (Reception), Paulina, Paula and Nara (Year 2), Gabriel, Naomi, Tam, Twanya (Year 3), Malia, Saki, Lizzie, Peace, Tee, Jay (Year 4), Margaux, Cathrine, (Year 5), Lucie, Tip (Year 6), Robert, Jodie C, Tanya, Anna (Year 7), Shamayim, Naz, Karn (Year 8), Jackie, Celine, Sinead (Year 9), Tim, Wendy, Mrs. Marielle and Mr. Alex.

Let’s hope there shall be another musical show like this soon - so be prepared!

Asian U visits U-Tapao

This week, students and staff from Asian University were privileged to be able to visit the Thai Airways maintenance facilities at U-Tapao. Over thirty students were able to see some of the many departments where maintenance and overhauls are carried out.

Asian U students learn about Thai Airways maintenance facilities at U-Tapao.

The deputy director of the facility greeted everyone and gave a brief presentation of the facility. It covers an area of 240,000 square metres, and was opened in 1999. He explained that the hangar has three maintenance docks, which can accommodate two wide bodied (for example Boeing 747 or Airbus 310) and one narrow bodied (such as B737 or BAE146) plane at any one time.

Services provided include capability to repair aircraft components and accessories inside passenger cabins, which are made out of sheet metal and fiberglass, such as the gallery, parts used in assembling passenger seats and other related work. The Aircraft Maintenance Facility has international certification from Europe, the US and elsewhere, and is able to conduct major maintenance as defined by C-Check and D-Check.

The current number of employees on the site is just under 600. Thai Airways has recently introduced a new livery, and the Asian U visitors were able to see one of the planes that is used for the direct flights to New York painted in the new colours.

Students learn about the materials used.

Jesters ‘Caring For Kids’ – More Than Ever Before

Mike Franklin

The organization of the 8th annual Jesters ‘Care for Kids’ Charity Drive is well ahead for our two fund-raising events in September, and we cordially invite you to come along to the Jesters Children’s Fair at the Diana Garden Resort & Driving Range on Sunday 11th, and Pub Night at Jameson’s on Saturday 17th. Last year was exceptional for our Jesters ‘Care for Kids’ campaign when over 5.1 million baht was raised and, since its inception in 1998, our charity drives have raised and distributed over 19 million baht to needy children’s causes, mostly on the Eastern Seaboard.

Percy Panda, who has traveled all the way from America courtesy of the US Navy, was recently seen pulling into Jameson’s on Woody’s Harley.

Our latest letter seeking corporate sponsorship has brought the total of Platinum Sponsors (donors of 100,000 baht) to 16: Baltex Industries, BlueScope, The Classroom, Club Nevada, Honourable Golf Society of Hog’s Breath Masters, Jameson’s Irish Pub, Laem Chabang International Terminal (LCIT), MBMG International, Mike Koerner, Nirvana Resorts, Nova Park, Pattaya Mail, Pattaya Sports Club, SCC-Dow Group, SJ Lake Consulting Services, and Tetra Pak Tubex Inc.

The design for this year’s Jesters ‘Care for Kids’ Event T-shirt will feature a colorful design of a clown juggling 8 balls with the names of our beneficiaries on the front and the names and logos of the 16 Platinum Sponsors on the back. The shirts at 300 baht each, or two for 500 baht, will be available from August 1st for purchase in many sizes at various outlets in Pattaya, including Jameson’s, Pattaya Mail, Viking Beachcomber and TQ.

Children at the Fountain of Life take a mid-day siesta. Since 1998, the Jesters Care for Kids charity drive has done wonders for this organization.

This year several new beneficiaries have been added to our ever-growing list, including Rayong and Chonburi Shelters (for abused children, young unwed mothers), Khao Bai Siri School (includes facilities for autistic children), Baan Sai Jai Project (new housing construction with BlueScope for elderly people looking after grandchildren whose parents have died of AIDS), as well as the escalation of our ‘Next Step’ program, (providing scholarships for teens and young adults at higher education levels).

We continue our unwavering support for the Fountain of Life Center, which provides an invaluable service to the poor kids of the community, by obtaining birth certificates for those born outside hospitals; elementary education, medical and dental care and scholarships for entering government schools.

We also maintain our assistance for the Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind and the Rayong Youth Training Center in Rayong, where we continue to enhance living necessities and support educational and vocational programs.

Valuable assistance with the provision of services and facilities is again being provided by our ‘Charity Drive Partners’. Namely: Baltex Industries and Christoph Balzli donating the first 450 ‘Care for Kids’ 2005 Event T-shirts. Pattaya Mail, thanks to Peter Malhotra and his team, providing effective weekly press coverage in Pattaya Mail & Pattaya Blatt with linked televised reports and interviews broadcast on Pattaya Mail TV through Sophon Cable.

The Diana Garden Resort & Driving Range again provides the ideal setting for the Jesters Children’s Fair & Family Day on Sunday September 11th, thanks to the continuing support and co-operation from Khun Sopin Thappajug and Diana Group management. Finally Jameson’s, thanks to its energetic landlord, Kim Fletcher, will host the Jesters Pub Night on Saturday 17th September, to bring the 2005 Jesters ‘Care for Kids’ Charity Drive to a climatic and successful conclusion.

This year, the Jesters Children’s Fair will include over 60 food and merchandise stalls, a children’s arcade, games, family entertainment and live bands. The renowned Children’s Raffle, sponsored by Pattaya Sports Club, will once again offer many valuable prizes and be hosted this year by the very cuddly ‘Percy Panda’, who has traveled all the way from America, courtesy of the US Navy.

Six days later on September 17th our Jesters Pub Night will provide an evening of exciting entertainment with live music, and feature the Grand Auction with a wide range of ‘lots’, including Tiger Woods’, Arnold Palmer, Michael Schumacher and Pele signed memorabilia, and the Grand Raffle with a myriad of valuable prizes including 6 airline tickets (5 international and one domestic package with hotel.)

To learn more about us, our beneficiaries, projects under-way and planned for later in the year, and how you can help, please visit our website:

An on-line donation facility is also now available at the website.

If you would like to help us help the needy children in our community, in any way, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

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