Russian tourist’s body found after boat collision on Koh Larn Island

The body of Russian tourist Enrike Rakhman was found wedged against the rocks on the northern shore of Had Tien Beach on Koh Larn Island.

Pattaya, Thailand – A tragic incident unfolded on the evening of Sept 25 when a twin-engine speed boat collided with a man and a woman who were swimming near Had Tien Beach on Koh Larn Island. The collision claimed the life of the woman and left the man missing. Two days later, on Sept 27, local residents made a grim discovery – the body of the missing man washed ashore on the northern side of Had Tien Beach. Rescuers at the scene found the body of a male foreigner, clad in blue swim trunks, floating upside down and wedged against rocks on the shore, approximately 60-70 meters from the accident site. The man had suffered injuries on his back, left shoulder, and neck, likely caused by the boat’s engine propeller. Forensic analysis revealed that he had died at least 24 hours before being found.

The Thai woman involved in the tragic accident was identified as 20-year-old Narada Taichaisong. She sustained severe injuries, including the loss of her right leg below the knee, and her body was discovered shortly after the collision. The male foreigner, identified as Enrike Rakhman, a 22-year-old Russian national, had gone missing in the sea following the collision. Despite a three-hour search operation by a team of divers, they had to halt their efforts due to strong underwater currents. The 20-year-old speed boat driver, Thawatchai Chomphupuang, was located and taken into custody by Pattaya Police. He now faces charges related to reckless conduct resulting in the death of others.

Authorities recovered the victim’s body from the rocky shore and sent it to the Police General Hospital’s Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy. The investigation is on-going to conclusively establish the man’s identity. Meanwhile, a Thai woman who is a relative of the deceased victim has confirmed the man’s identity as Enrike Rakhman. She recounted that the couple had been on vacation together when the tragic accident occurred, resulting in the loss of both their lives.
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