Boat propeller slashes woman to death, foreign partner missing

Rescue workers recover the body of a Thai woman who died tragically when a speed boat’s propeller slashed her while she and a foreign friend were swimming in the sea.

Pattaya, Thailand – A fatal boat accident claimed the life of a Thai woman at Had Tien Beach on Koh Larn Island on the afternoon of September 25. Local authorities discovered the lifeless body of the victim, clad in swimwear, floating face down in the sea.

Examination of the victim’s body revealed a series of injuries consistent with wounds caused by a boat propeller. She had lacerations on her chest, body, right knee, right foot, and left arm. Nearby, personal belongings belonging to the deceased woman and a missing foreign man were found on a beach table and bench, including flip-flops, a mobile phone, and a notebook, all of which have been collected as crucial evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the Thai woman and a foreign man were enjoying a leisurely afternoon swim in the sea at around 4 p.m. Tragically, their peaceful day at the beach took a harrowing turn when a two-engine speedboat, seemingly on a routine tourist pickup, briefly stopped before speeding off. Minutes later, the lifeless body of the Thai woman was discovered in the water, prompting a frantic search for the missing foreign man, who was believed to be still submerged.

Investigations revealed that the woman, (name withheld), had been staying at a resort on Koh Larn Island with a foreign national and checked out earlier in the day. They borrowed bicycles from the resort and visited Had Tien Beach where tragedy struck.

The investigation is ongoing as authorities work to identify and locate the boat and its owner involved in this accident. Updates on the investigation will be provided as soon as they emerge, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic loss of life.