Koh Larn Island residents concerned about safety and water supply

City Councillor Wasan Sukkhi inspects one of four beaches where the budget of 76 million baht for swimming area buoys has been allocated.

Pattaya, Thailand – Responding to concerns voiced by residents regarding water supply and the deteriorating piers and boat berths at Samae Beach, City Councillor Wasan Sukkhi conducted an inspection tour of the island on Sept 26. During this visit, Wasan assessed the progress of a critical water reservoir renovation project on the island, designed to serve as a vital water reserve during shortages and for emergency purposes, including disaster relief efforts.

Despite both projects receiving budget approvals for the 2023 fiscal year, progress over the past year has been limited. The budget allocated for renovating the four swimming zone buoys, with a total cost of 76 million baht, and repairing the water reservoir at Samae Beach, with an expenditure of 7.5 million baht, has not yielded substantial results.

Following the on-site inspections and data collection, Councillor Wasan, in collaboration with fellow members of the Pattaya City Council District 3, intends to present these critical issues for discussion at the upcoming council meeting.

The water reservoir has received a budget of 7.5 million baht for its renovation, while residents complained about the deteriorating piers and boat berths at Samae Beach.