Nongprue municipality constructs new home for destitute family

Nongprue Mayor Winai Intapak inspects the progress of the house being built for Pisut Kruesungnoen and his family who now live in the shanty built of bamboo poles and surrounded by plastic sheets. (background)

Pattaya, Thailand – Nongprue Municipality Mayor Winai Inpitak and council member Kritpong Homchuen visited a construction site on July 4 to monitor the progress of a new house being built for a family living in dire conditions.

Pisut Kruesungnoen, 56 and Ms. Napha Thiratthatsiripot, 31, along with their three young children (an 8-year-old boy, a one and a half year old son, and a 9-month-old son), currently reside in a makeshift shelter made of bamboo poles, covered with tarpaulins and enclosed with plastic sheets.

Mayor Winai Intapak generously allocated personal funds for the construction project. The Baan Chang Group, a charitable organization provided all the necessary construction materials. Together, the municipality and the Baan Chang Group are making the family’s dream of a better life a reality.

Mayor Winai expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the construction and emphasized the importance of providing suitable housing, particularly for families with young children. He highlighted the positive impact it would have on their quality of life.

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With only a canvas tarpaulin to protect them from the elements, Pisut cares for his infant child.

The poor family living in this miserable dwelling made of bamboo poles, tarpaulins and plastic sheets will soon move into their new home being built by the Nongprue municipality.