Police cultivate security and trust among Na Jomtien residents

Pol. Col. Wattanachai Sangrit, Najomtien Superintendent speaks with a family in the community reassuring them of their safety and wellbeing.

Pattaya, Thailand – Najomtien Police Superintendent, Pol. Col. Wattanachai Sangrit, led a team of police officers, traffic police, and volunteer police to provide reassurance and strengthen ties with the residents of the Eua-arthorn village, aiming to foster a sense of security and build trust within the community.

Deployed at 9 p.m. on July 3, the police presence highlighted the importance of enhancing security measures and ensuring the well-being of the residents. Pol. Col. Wattanachai recognized the challenge posed by the large number of tenants living in rented rooms, so he directed the housing estate’s entity to compile a comprehensive resident list. This initiative will enable effective monitoring and investigation of any potential incidents, given the limited rental history available for verification.

During their deployment, the police officers conducted thorough patrols and actively engaged in conversations with the residents. By listening attentively to their concerns and grievances, the officers gained valuable insights into the issues affecting the community. This hands-on approach allowed them to develop a deeper understanding of the residents’ needs and work towards addressing and improving their overall well-being and safety.

Na Jomtien police officers listened attentively to the residents’ concerns and grievances, gaining valuable insights into the issues affecting the community.