Dumping garbage on Pattaya streets is as infectious as the virus

Huge signs warning garbage dumpers that they face a 2000 baht fine are totally ignored.

Not a day goes by that residents in many areas of Pattaya raise concerns about the hazards of shameless people dumping garbage on their streets. Reporters are kept busy following up on complaint after complaint by residents in different parts of town.

When asked, why they don’t call the sanitation department, they shrug their shoulders saying, “what good does it do? The garbage collectors make their rounds and as soon as they are out of sight, the next pile of rotten garbage is piled up again at the very same spot”.

Pattaya Mail recently reported on the dumping of garbage in front of Soi 14 on Siam Country Club Road which caused quite a ruckus amongst the residents in the area.

The perfect spot to dump your garbage is behind the ‘Do not dump your garbage here’ signboard.

The sanitary department came by on their routine rounds and picked up the mess of foul-smelling plastic bags but the cleanliness didn’t last for long.

The authorities went one step further to prevent people from dumping their garbage on the road by erecting huge signs which said “Do not dump your garbage in this area. Offenders will face a 2000 baht fine”.

In any civil society one would think that was stern warning enough. But not for these I-don’t-give-a-damn people. The sign only serves to encourage the antisocial twits to dump more of their garbage at the designated spot.

The picturesque Siam Country Club Road, designated as a ‘garbage drum free road’.

Residents in the area are at wits end as to how to stop these acts of contempt for the community. They feel that their complaints to the authorities fall on deaf ears. They say that the municipality must prove that they mean business by taking punitive action against the garbage dumpers and not by just erecting signboards and making empty threats.

Concerned residents can report these garbage miscreants to the Municipality Peace Keepers Tel. 038 249 043 or the Sanitation and Environment Department Tel. 038 933 179.

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