NCPO announces its performance after one month in power


BANGKOK, 26 June 2014  – The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has issued a summary of performance after one month in power. 

The NCPO indicated in its performance report that its work regarding internal security dealt with investigation into and arrest of groups of individuals dealing in weapons and illegal businesses, drugs and gambling suppression, and streamlining of the entire labor system.

In the aspect of the economy, the NCPO indicated it had arranged to pay farmers who were owed money in the rice pledging program, and terminated the program in favor of its measures to reduce rice production cost.

Regarding infrastructure development and water management projects, the NCPO has assigned related agencies to review all projects and come up with a strategy that was more consistent with the national economic and social development plan. It had also been tightly scrutinizing budget disbursement to ensure transparency and efficiency.

In the legal aspect, the NCPO was fostering conflicts resolution, with an aim to reduce existing conflicts. At the same time, its social and psychological division had been holding activities to ‘return happiness’ in all locales throughout the country, while also implementing suppression of illegal loggers and deforestation.

The NCPO also announced on Wednesday that it expected NCPO chief Prayuth Chan-ocha to approve the fiscal 2015 budget, which entails 2.75 trillion baht, on July 29.