Eating at the roadside


Dear Hillary,

My wife and I are coming over before Xmas. We have read that the roadside food stalls will be removed as the hygiene is poor and people can get very sick. We eat simple meals at home here, so we’re not looking for Michelin stars. We will be in Pattaya for a week, so can you give us some help?

Ally and Mike

Dear Ally and Mike,

You will be blown away with the choices available from any of our over 400 restaurants. My best advice is to read the Dining Out columns in this paper and you will soon see what kind of cuisine is on offer, and the price range in food. By the way, there will still be very good roadside food available. It’s just some misguided soul trying to make Bangkok into a European eatery, instead of promoting the Asian, much loved, ordinary food. The general advice is always don’t eat food that has been sitting in pots and getting cold. Eat food that has been cooked in front of you. Come and enjoy yourselves!

  • Don Aleman

    I suggest Apex & Lek hotels buffets as each have at least 30 buffet items at 110 B when you buy 10 tickets, Domicil &, when splurging the Hilton has several bargain days/nights that are affordable. All of these are on 2nd. Rd. A favorite for Tex Mex is Beefeaters, just 20 meters off 2nd., Rd. pricier at 329 B but, all you can eat, including ribs. Central Mall has every fast food outlet, ( not junk food & I luv all ), you can name & Mac & King have constant price wars. Hillary was correct as there are many street food vendors but I like to sit down when I eat.