3 alleged drug dealers arrested


Three men were arrested for allegedly selling drugs to tourists and youths in Pattaya.

Police announced the arrests of Rungwit Aimaong, 30, Patsakorn Krongamponsuk, 30, and Patipan Thurated, 29, at a news conference Aug. 29.

All three arrests came on tips and after surveillance of the suspects.

Rungwit was detained by loitering outside a 7-Eleven convenience store on Soi Arunothai. While police did not find any contraband on him, they demanded to search the suspect’s apartment, where they found 15 ecstasy tablets, 90 bottles of ketamine and 42 nine mm bullets.

He was charged with possession of Class 1 narcotics and bullets.

Patsakorn, with Patipan riding pillion, were pulled over on South Road. Searching the pair, officers found 20 grams of crystal methamphetamine on the driver and 0.7 g. of ya ice on the passenger.

They, too, were charged with possession of a Class 1 narcotic.


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