Thailand warns against offences to Royals in social media and in rallies

Buddhipongse Punnakanta, Minister of Digital Economy and Society.

Buddhipongse Punnakanta, Minister of Digital Economy and Society, has warned demonstrators not to offend the royal institution; otherwise, they would face action.

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In response to the rallies of anti- and pro-government demonstrators at the parliament today, the minister said individuals had the right to rally in safe and permitted areas to voice their political views but they must not infringe laws, other people’s rights and the royal institution.


“Please be careful while using social media where there is distortion. People have the duty to protect main institutions of the country. Regarding different opinions, security officials are duty-bound to prevent clashes. I emphasize that difference is acceptable in democracy but there must not be infringement on the rights of others and the institution. That is intolerable. If the institution is offended, action will be taken definitely,” Mr Buddhipongse said.

He also said that in the first week of his ministry’s Facebook page for reports on illegal websites and social media, people reported 1,050 URLs. The ministry asked courts to close 181 URLs and courts ordered the closure of seven URLs. (TNA)