Thailand promotes ‘Soda Springs’ in Kanchanaburi as tourist attractions

The newly discovered ‘soda springs’ in Kanchanaburi province is being promoted as a tourist attraction as it has proved to give the best groundwater in the country.

Authorities of the western province planned to develop the area of the newly discovered ‘soda springs’ into a tourist attraction as it proved to give the best groundwater in the country.

The move followed the announcement of Sakda Wicheansilp, director-general of the Department of Groundwater Resources, that three springs which the department found in Huay Krachao sub-district of Huay Krachao district during its artesian well drilling to relieve drought gave soda taste because the water had high content of bicarbonate.

The water quality of the springs is the best in Thailand and can compare with mineral water of internationally known brands. People can drink the water and the springs hold more than 500 million cubic meters of water reserve.

Kanchanaburi governor Jirakiat Phumsawat said the groundwater discovery gave hope to people in the rural and drought-stricken area and it could be developed as a new tourist attraction.

Regarding the question whether the springs stand in Bo Phloi or Huay Krachao district, the governor said that should not pose a problem and local administrators would have to ensure that local people would have the maximum benefits from the springs. (TNA)