Thai police deployed to guard Parliament on draft charter amendments voting day

Police have strictly checked vehicles, entering the premises and set up barricades in front of Parliament.

Hundreds of police have been deployed to maintain order at Parliament as anti-government demonstrators will gather the outside Parliament to monitor the debate on draft charter amendments.

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They want lawmakers to support charter amendments.

Superintendent of Bang Pho police station, Pol.Col. Suradej Pojanawongpanit said that four companies of police will work on shifts to provide security there. They will monitor the situation and decide later whether surrounding roads need to be closed to traffic.

Barricades have been set up in front of Parliament. Mobile toilet trucks have been parked in the opposite side.

Police have strictly checked vehicles, entering the premises.

Parliament will vote on Thursday what part of the constitution will be amended.

For the motion to pass, the current constitution requires a majority vote by the 750 members of both houses, including one-third of the upper house, or 84 senators.  (TNA)