Pattaya Prowl: Ganjapreneurs!


֍ Latest word to enter the vocabulary is Ganjapreneur: the people who are making big money by selling the once-banned drug in shops, cafes and street stalls. Even vending machines are now dishing out premium quality with names such as High-n-Stoned and High Time. The government still insists that decriminalization of weed is all about medical use rather than smoking for pleasure. Go tell it to the marines.

֍ Increasing talk in Pattaya about the smell of cannabis in late-night clubs and gin palaces. Many customers say OK, but others maintain the stink is worse than cigarette smoke. Isn’t use of the weed supposed to be off-limits if not in private? Yes, but the constabulary has been told it’s hands off for now.

֍ The latest thing on Sexy Soi 6 is live-streaming by Lustful Girls and others. Of course, you won’t see the same sort of thing on Netflix. But you might find frustrating problems with lack of bandwidth and buffering.

֍ More than a year after the fire at Nashaa nightery on Walking Street, no announcement on what caused the conflagration. At the time, electrical faults were mooted although the surveyor’s office later suggested it had “interesting” information. Then silence.

֍ Did you know that people who have birthdays live longer?

֍ The 14th annual Pattaya classical guitar festival and competition is at the Siam Bayshore Hotel, Sunday November 6. Good example of Mice (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions).

֍ Pattaya’s international bikini race Saturday October 29 will have celebrity runners according to the official blurb. How famous they are remains to be seen.

֍ Immigration closed on Monday October 24, a substitution for Chulalongkorn Day on October Sunday 23. There aren’t any more public holidays coming up in November.

֍ New pay-for-play bar scheduled to open on Soi Chaiyapoon, also known as Soi Pothole. Has the intriguing name Slutz.

֍ Canterbury Tales, Pattaya’s best exchange bookshop, has moved. It’s now in Soi Bongkot (6/3). Arguably the intellectual center of Pattaya, run by Dave Collier and his Thai wife.

֍ We hear that Pattaya hotels with wheelchair-friendly facilities include Zip Hotel and Pizza, Sutus Court and Diana Resort.

֍ Loy Krathong Festival is Saturday November 8 this year when the moon is full. City Hall is organizing fireworks, costume contests and kids’ fun in front of Central Festival on Beach Road.

֍ Polite way to describe death: kicking the oxygen habit.

֍ Notice seen in a Naklua late-night convivial center translated as The Crumpet. “Because of customer confusion, please note that this entrance is now an exit.”

֍ Flood waters tend to clear more quickly in Pattaya than in Bangkok. That’s because the H2O in Sin City runs down to the beach and into the sea. Now you know it all.

֍ A tattoo customer complained after the word Meow was imprinted on the outside of her lip rather than on the inside. But her lawyers say compensation will be difficult to obtain.

֍ If you think learning Thai is difficult, try English for foreigners. Explain the difference between “I am worthless” and “I am worth less”.

֍ People think of weird excuses for not filling in the compulsory census form. One guy explained he didn’t know whether to count the hostages in the basement as boarders.

֍ His wife said the two dishes she cooked best were steak pie and apple dumpling. The husband asked which one he was eating.

Happy Hunting!