Ocean Marina volunteers clean up Koh Rin Island beaches

Scott Finsten and his team collected over a ton of washed up garbage from the beaches on Koh Rin.

The first island beach clean-up to Koh Rin Island on Sunday March 26, was blessed with a spectacular day for boaters from Jomtien, Pattaya and Bangkok who rallied behind the efforts of Ocean Marina Jomtien to bring awareness to the ever-visible rubbish problem we see on our amazing islands around Pattaya.

The efforts of 8 boats, and 52 people led by Harbour Master Scott Finsten successfully took an incredible 1,100kg of washed-up rubbish off Koh Rin. A big thank you to all those who came out to help clean up, we are looking forward to the next beach cleanup and would encourage our charter and broker tenants to get involved.

52 people successfully took an incredible task of picking up rubbish off the beach on Koh Rin Island.

Watching these hard working people cleaning up our beaches makes me very thirsty.