Paul Smith finishes strong to win Bunker Boys’ Golfer of the Month in Pattaya

Golfer of the Month Paul Smith (left) with Birthday boy Peter Kelly. (right)

PSC Bunker Boys Golf
Monday, June 28th
Parichat Golf Course

1st Gerry Cooney (20) 40 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 38 points
3rd Dave Ashman (25) 34 points
Near pins Alan Sullivan, Geoff Parker, Peter Kelly, & Michael Brett.

The monthly rainbow round as usual was played at Parichat where we had an all-in deal of twelve hundred baht. The course was in fine condition, although a few fairways were cut a bit tight making for difficult three and five wood play. A constant breeze blew all day at varying levels of intensity which added to the difficulty of what was already a difficult enough course. At least four of the greens at Parichat would have to be amongst the most tricky of any course in the area, with elevated surfaces and several severe undulations.

Overall scoring was very poor; however, a couple of golfers excelled, most notably Gerry Cooney taking first place with forty points. After a long absence from the winner’s circle Jimmy Carr made a welcome return to form to take second place with a nice score of thirty-eight points, whilst Dave Ashman reaped the benefit of a recent investment in some new clubs to take third with thirty-four points.

Tony Robbins who trails in the golfer of the month race didn’t make up any ground today but with one game remaining on what is probably the easiest course on our roster, Crystal Bay, the pressure will be on in earnest to wrest the trophy from Paul Smith, he is close enough if good enough.

All the near pins were taken with one each going to Alan Sullivan, Geoff Parker, Peter Kelly, & Michael Brett.

Wednesday, June 30th
Crystal Bay Golf C & A.

1st Roger Awad (21) 36 points
2nd Myles Knowlson (10) 35 points
3rd Steve Durey (19) 31 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr, Roger Awad, Tony Robbins, & Michael Brett.

Hard to believe we are already halfway through the year and to mark the occasion we had a game at Crystal Bay on the C & A nines. The course was in decent condition but the greens were slower than most would have liked. The bunkers were to be avoided. Totally devoid of any maintenance, needless to say, they were very poor indeed.

The day was nice and sunny although dark clouds hovered in the distance but never looked threatening. Again a variable breeze helped keep conditions from getting too hot.

A field of only ten for Wednesday’s game. We have lost several members lately and are set to lose a few more shortly, either through illness or travel for an extended period. Hopefully, some more will wander in to take their place.

Roger Awad topped the scoresheet with thirty-six, a modest score on this course, as it usually takes forty or over to win at Crystal Bay. Myles Knowlson made a return today after several weeks away to take second place a stroke adrift with third going to Steve Durey with thirty on countback from Jimmy Carr and Peter Kelly.

Another lean day for the delinquent fund with all the near pins taken by Roger, Jimmy, Tony Robbins, and Michael Brett.

The exciting finish to the golfer of the month race didn’t eventuate with Tony Robbins failing to make any progress again today, so in his absence, Paul Smith was declared winner, deservedly so as he played some superb golf throughout the month. That was two in a row where Tony Robbins was runner up; will he finally make it next month?

A birthday at most of our ages is a cause celebration and today the sharpest dressed man at the Bunker Boys, Peter Kelly celebrated in grand style showering all present with golf-related gifts, a most generous gesture by any measure. We wish Peter good health and happiness for many more birthdays to come.

Friday, July 2nd
Pattana Resort and Country Club B & C.

1st Jimmy Carr (18) 38 points
2nd Michael Brett (15) 37 points
3rd Niall Glover (18) 36 points
4th Tony Robbins (18) 36 points
Near pins Tony Robbins, Steve Durey, Roger Awad, & Kevin LeBar.

A baker’s dozen for the first game of a new month at Pattana Country Club where we were allocated the B & C nines. The course was in good condition and we were pleased to see a big improvement in the greens since our last visit, much smoother and also nicely cut.

The day was oppressively hot and humid, luckily everyone availed of the eleven hundred baht all-in deal so fatigue didn’t become a problem. In the distance looking down the fairway on C 1, there was thunder and lightning in the distance most of the day as is often the case, luckily it stayed away despite looking threatening a few times.

Some decent scores today with Jimmy Carr topping the list with a fine thirty-eight points. Is this the beginning of a run from the big man, with two top-three finishes this week? Michael Brett made an appearance in the winner’s circle after an extended absence with thirty-seven points to take second whilst Niall Glover edged out Tony Robbins for third on countback, both on thirty-six.

Near pins went to Roger Awad, Kevin LeBar, Steve Durey, and Tony Robbins.

Vale Geoff Hart.

Yet another sad week for the Bunker Boys with the passing of longtime member Geoff Hart. Geoff retired from golf at least five years ago and since then lost touch with most of the members. Seen recently at Peter Allen’s cremation he appeared in fine form but succumbed to renal failure after a very short illness.
May he rest in peace.