Mabprachan Golf Society shines bright at Greenwood and Silky Oak Courses

Allan Cassin, Robert Charbonneau, Maurice Paradis, and Seamus O’Connor bask in the glory of their golfing triumphs at Greenwood and Silky Oak courses.

Tuesday 26th March 2024 at Greenwood Golf Course

It was a day of triumph at Greenwood Golf Course as members of the Mabprachan Golf Society converged for a spirited round of golf on Tuesday. Despite the slightly overcast skies, spirits were high as players tackled the A & C loops of the course, which were in pristine condition with lush fairways and true greens.

Divided into two groups based on handicaps, players found their focus heightened, resulting in remarkable performances across the board. Surprisingly, both groups produced identical results, with each player meeting or surpassing their handicap.

In the low handicappers division, Allan Cassin emerged victorious with an impressive 40 stable ford points, while Seamus O’Connor claimed the top spot in the high handicappers category, also with 40 points. The coveted spoon went to Maurice Paradis after a thrilling countback calculation.

Near pins were secured by Seamus O’Connor (twice), Bob Edwards, and Maurice Paradis. Low Handicap Winners: Allan Cassin (Handicap 14) – 40 points, High Handicap Winner: Seamus O’Connor (Handicap 30) – 40 points.

Thursday 28th March 2024 at Silky Oak

Thursday brought the Mabprachan Golf Society to Silky Oak, where a smaller group gathered for what proved to be a memorable day on the course. With the impending departure of Canadian friends adding a touch of poignancy, competition was fierce on the challenging terrain of Silky Oak.

Underneath the radiant skies, players showcased their skills, resulting in tight competition and impressive scores. Steve Sturley emerged as the standout performer of the day, clinching victory with a commendable 36 points, closely followed by Allan Cassin as the runner-up with 35 points.

Bob Edwards found himself in possession of the spoon this time around, adding an element of friendly banter to the proceedings. Near pins were claimed by Allan Cassin, Gary Lees, Robert Charbonneau, and Maurice Paradis, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day’s events.

Winners: Steve Sturley (Handicap 23) – 36 points, Runner-up: Allan Cassin (Handicap 10) – 35 points.