Horseshoe Point Pony Eventing Class & Open July 28-30 2023


Head to the Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club International Riding School for a full weekend of Equestrian sport. Come and watch the exciting challenges of our Cross-Country Event, from Friday 28, through Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July, 2023.

This competition will be highlighting the exhilarating sport of Equestrian Eventing. The Three-Day Eventing involves the three disciplines of Jumping, Dressage & Cross-Country.

Jumping classes will be held in the main Show Jumping Arena adjacent to the Hotel. This is always a crowd puller as both jumping heights and courses change throughout the event. During the three days of the event, many riders come from Bangkok as well as the local area to compete. Some of the riders are experienced, others just beginners.

For those who enjoy the elegance of Dressage, classes will be held at the Olympic Arena. Dressage combines the elegance and grace achieved by the bond between horse and rider. Tests are ridden at low, mid or high level depending on the skill of the rider and horse. Once your horse has achieved a certain percentage mark at one level, they can move up to a higher level.

The Cross-Country section is the fun part of Three-Day Eventing. This event is held “out in the country” and is an obstacle course for both horse and rider. A Course Designer sets a distance for the course, generally 800-1,000m, interspersed with various jumps and obstacles. In addition, an “optimum” time is set for the course to be completed, not too fast, not too slow. Our Horseshoe Point course is set up for Ponies and less experienced riders to compete. The jumps, therefore, are set at a maximum height of 50cm, safety being of the utmost importance in this discipline.

Each rider in the Eventing competition will need to be skilled in all three disciplines of Jumping, Dressage and Cross-Country, as points earned in each discipline will be combined to establish the Overall Winner.

As well as our Garden Café, adjacent to the Hotel, food vendors will be available in each section. Further vendors will be on site selling equestrian attire and equipment.

If you would like to spend the weekend at Horseshoe Point. Rooms are available. Bookings should be made through our International Riding School, call 083 988 7860 or email [email protected]