Bunker Boys conquer challenging golf week with three days of triumphs

Greg Berry, triumphs at Treasure Hill., Frank Tordeur, emerges victorious at Eastern Star and Chick magnet, Neil Jones, secures victory at Greenwood.

Golf Report: Monday, October 16 Treasure Hill Golf Course

Despite being outside the high season, slow play took center stage at Treasure Hill Golf Course. Following behind another Pattaya Society, the golfers faced a challenging round due to the glacial pace of play. The weather, though hot and humid, was fine, and the course was in good condition. Greg Berry, a recent two-time winner, continued his winning streak, securing the top spot with an impressive 34 points. Gary Smith took second place with 31 points, and Michael Brett claimed third with 29 points. Near pins were earned by Greg Berry, Bil Richardson, and Michael Brett.


  1. Greg Berry (15) – 34 points
  2. Gary Smith (5) – 31 points

Michael Brett (16) – 29 points Near pins: Bil Richardson, Greg Berry, & Michael Brett

Wednesday, October 18 Eastern Star Golf Course

A twist of fate unfolded as golfers faced unexpected challenges at Eastern Star Golf Course. Rain disrupted play, causing delays, but determined players weathered the storm. Despite the course’s difficulty and the weather conditions, Frank Tordeur, a debutant with the Bunker Boys, clinched the top spot with an impressive 38 points. Kob Glover secured second place on countback, and Paul Smith took third with 34 points. Craig Dows claimed the final spot on the leaderboard. Newcomer John Soo and Niall Glover took near pins, with Craig Dows earning two.


  1. Frank Tordeur (15) – 38 points
  2. Kob Glover (16) – 38 points
  3. Paul Smith (3) – 34 points
  4. Craig Dows (3) – 33 points Near pins: Niall Glover, John Soo, & Craig Dows (x2)

Friday, October 20th Greenwood. C & B Golf Course

The week concluded at Greenwood on the C & B nines, where concerns about wet conditions led to a change from medal to Stableford. With the course surprisingly in good shape, nineteen participants enjoyed a game at a respectable pace. Neil Jones stole the spotlight with an outstanding score of 41 points, securing first place. Niall Glover claimed second, continuing his strong performance in the golfer of the month competition. Michael Brett secured third place with 35 points, and Greg Berry rounded out the winners’ circle in fourth with 34 points. Near pins were shared among Gary Smith, Craig Dows, Paul Smith, and Jimmy Carr, who came remarkably close to a hole-in-one.


  1. Neil Jones (23) – 41 points
  2. Niall Glover (12) – 37 points
  3. Michael Brett (16) – 35 points
  4. Greg Berry (15) – 34 points Near pins: Gary Smith, Craig Dows, Paul Smith, & Jimmy Carr