8-year-old Shane Promwaen makes waves as youngest windsurfer to cross Gulf of Thailand

8-year-old Shane Promwaen makes waves as youngest windsurfer to cross Gulf of Thailand.

In an astonishing feat of determination and skill, eight-year-old Thanawat “Shane” Promwaen has etched his name into water sports history by becoming the youngest person ever to windsurf across the Gulf of Thailand. Shane’s remarkable achievement, covering a distance of 107 kilometres (66 miles), marks a significant milestone not only in his burgeoning career but also in the annals of extreme sports.

Dubbed a “water sports wizard,” Shane had his eyes set on this extraordinary accomplishment as a gift for his upcoming ninth birthday, which falls on February 11. After two previous attempts thwarted by unfavourable wind conditions, Shane’s third endeavour proved to be the charm. Navigating the unpredictable winds with finesse, Shane completed the epic crossing in just four hours and 10 minutes, setting a new record for windsurfers of any age. Surpassing even the time recorded by a jet skier, Shane’s feat is a testament to his unparalleled skill and determination.

Accompanied by vessels equipped with ambulance capabilities and safety measures, Shane embarked on his historic journey from Surfspot in Hua Hin, culminating in a triumphant landing at Pattaya Kitesurfing Clubloongchat on Na Jomtien Beach. As he glided across the glistening waters, Shane’s father, Somsak “Sam” Promwaen, shared in his son’s exhilaration and pride. Reflecting on the momentous occasion, Sam expressed his overwhelming emotions, saying, “When Shane finally landed, I cried a little and hugged him tightly. I felt super proud.”

Shane’s family, including his mother, Pawinee “Woon” Deenok, and 11-year-old sister, Fern, joined in celebrating his historic achievement. For Shane, whose passion for water sports knows no bounds, this journey is just the beginning. With dreams of becoming the youngest-ever wing foiling world champion and representing Thailand at the Olympics, Shane is already setting his sights on international competitions.

Supported by his family and fuelled by pure passion, Shane is on a quest to turn his dreams into reality. Balancing his studies at Satit Udomseuksa School in Pattaya with rigorous training sessions, Shane exemplifies dedication and perseverance beyond his years. Having started his windsurfing career at the tender age of three, Shane’s journey is one of determination, skill, and unwavering ambition.

As Shane prepares to celebrate his ninth birthday surrounded by friends and family on the beach, his remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere. With eyes firmly set on the horizon, Shane Promwaen is poised to make waves in the world of water sports for years to come.

To follow Shane’s journey and support his endeavours, visit his Facebook page (@shane.wing.foiler), website (shanethewingfoiler.com), or LINE account (@shane.wingfoiler). Prospective sponsors interested in aiding Shane’s international competitions can contribute at https://makeachamp.com/SHANEthewingfoiler.