Sex on the beach sparks controversy in Pattaya

A foreign couple’s public display of affection on Jomtien Beach has ignited controversy.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A 1.25-minute video posted on Facebook on February 8 featuring a foreign couple having passionate sex on the beach, seemingly oblivious to onlookers, has stirred up controversy. The post, captioned “Is this normal in Pattaya?” has drawn widespread attention and elicited comments such as “Oh my God!” and “Why not go to a hotel with such performances?”

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the clip was originally shared within a Russian community on Telegram during the late hours of February 6 and later reposted on other social media platforms. The owner of the page confirmed the origin and mentioned that it was initially shared within a Russian group before going viral on global social media.

The video was recorded along the Jomtien Beach stretch, between Soi 6 and Soi 7, near the Pattaya Water Sports Complex. Local beachside business operators confirmed that tourists, both Thai and foreign, often gather on the beach during the night, either in large groups or as couples, to enjoy the sandy shores. The controversial behaviour displayed by the foreign couple in the video was attributed to cultural differences as such displays are generally frowned upon by locals.

The incident has sparked discussions about cultural sensitivity and appropriate behaviour, particularly in tourist destinations like Pattaya. Authorities are expected to monitor and address such incidents to maintain the city’s reputation as a popular family destination.