Pumpui – the restaurant that continues to amaze

A half rack of ribs for 365 baht was very tasty.

Pumpui’s Restaurant on Siam Country Club Road is one of the great survivors in Pattaya dining. Changed location, changed style, changed owners, changed menu, changed hours of operation. There is, however, an art work showing the ferry between Paris and Londres (London), so part of the past is not forgotten.

The present owners (Anni and Scott) took over a couple of years ago and immediately set about refurbishment, extending the dining area and making an alfresco section at the front.

The main inside dining features cheerful red and white check covers and well padded seats. While seated and sipping have a look at the wine list which is quite extensive and really inexpensive with several better quality mainly Chilean wines.

Another change involves the menu which has gone from comfort food and pizzas to a much higher level of cuisine. The menu is now being extended to incorporate breakfasts.

The development of Pumpui has been ongoing (and in the right direction). I popped in one evening and there was a cocktail course for the staff, and take it from me, the cashier is the most enthusiastic barista in town.

You will not be disappointed with the Lamb Shank at 550 baht.

The house wine has been hand selected and Chilean at under 800 THB is eminently drinkable. Another of the reds worth sampling is the Passo Adagio Monte Pulciano D’Abruzzo DOC at 1250 THB (Italian wines have such long names)!

On our ‘official’ Dining Out, (we’ve been more than once) the lamb attracted us, with the Lamb Shank at 550 THB and the Lamb Chops at 495 THB. We chose both and if lamb is your favorite, you will not be disappointed with either of the presentations.

An amusing dish is the Australian beef sliders (three) with fries and salad which is almost a filling on its own.

Fish is represented with a Grill on Truffle mash with an Avocado and Prawn Salsa. The salsa was excellent with the prawn spicing up the avocado.

Hands up everyone who has had a traditional Bruscetta tumble off the bread before it makes your mouth. I do every time, but Pumpui has the answer, a Cheesy Bruscetta 85-125 THB which has the melted cheese on the bread keeping it all together and off my lap).

Atlantic cod & chips with mushy peas and fries for 285 baht.

On offer is a page of Tapas ranging from the Patatas at 105 THB through to 150-180 THB, and ideal for a fun evening dining with a few friends for a ‘mix and match’.

Mains range from 200 THB through to 450 THB and includes the pizzas at around 300 THB. The Calzone is huge and a bargain at 290 THB.

A half rack of ribs was very tasty and the Bangers and mash a surprise and very popular with the British ex-pats.

Thai food has its own section of the menu and has the famous Khao Soi, which is actually a Burmese dish which comes with four side dishes. I chose this as a main and managed to splash Khao Soi on my shirt as usual (you have been warned).

How to find them? You will not be disappointed. Pumpui is 29/9-10 Moo 7 Soi Siam Country Club Road 50 meters on the left before the infamous “Chicken Cross Roads” with parking out front

Hours 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Phone: 098 369 5060

A sumptuous and filling breakfast for 225 baht.