Local brothers racing talents win BIG at Bira Circuit

Austin Gale (left) and his brother Toby (right) celebrate with their hard won trophies.

Austin and Toby Gale excel against country’s top Go-Kart drivers

The Superkart Championships Thailand (SKT) was held on March 12-13 where the country’s Top Go-Kart drivers raced in series 1 and 2 for the SKT championships over the weekend. Budding future F1 drivers fought out a hard, mostly dry weekend at the Bira Go-Kart Race track.

Most impressive results of the weekend were found in the ‘CADET’ category (Aged 10-13) where local talent Toby Gale saw off the competition winning 5 out of 6 races. An impressive result even more so given he was racing against people who have raced for several years and this was Toby’s first year in the sport. Racing with the highly respected ‘CRG Thailand’ Team led by Khun Leng (Pongsak) Nimitchaiyapong saw him position himself well to be able to win the Championships.

Brothers Racing
The ‘JUNIOR’ category (12-15) saw his older brother Austin Gale (also team CRG Thailand) put in some impressive results showing local talent on display also within his very first year of racing. He also raced in 6 separate races gaining 2nd place in 4 of the races and a 4th and a 5th place.

The final race in the SKT series will be held on 24th April where the champion in each category will be crowned.

Austin Gale (left) and his Brother Toby (right) celebrate with their race Team CRG Thailand and team leader Khun Leng Nimitchaiyapong (centre).

The Go-Kart racing champs Toby and Austin with their proud parents Winston and Sukanya Gale.

Austin Gale in action during the hard fought races.

Toby Gale leads the pack and to victory, winning 5 out of 6 races.