Heart to Heart: April 9, 2021


Bikini and breadknife
Dear Hillary,
What’s the go with the bar girls? I buy one a drink and she always has a friend who wants one too. Take one out of the bar and you are hers for eternity, and look behind you if you ever take another. The first one will be behind you with a sharp breadknife. I thought that was the job, where she looked after the customer. You keep on saying that’s how they make their money.

Dear Trevor,
I’m not really sure what your point is here, my Petal. Do you want a companion or not? When you go to the ‘professional’ end of town, you should expect to pay. Since you are the supplier of the cash, they’re not going to let you go easily, but I think you’re a bit OTT with the carving knife. You are too intense. Relax a little and spread the money around.

Western rip offs
Dear Hillary,
You get many letters from guys complaining about being ripped off by Thai girls. Do you get any letters from Thai girls being ripped off by their western boyfriends? No? Just as I thought, it is all one sided here, with no comeback for the guys, just cop it on the chin. Correct?

Dear Greg,
I once met a lady who said, “My mind is made up, don’t try and confuse me with the facts.” You sound very much like that lady, my Petal. It is not “No”. I have received letters from Thai girls over the years who claim to have been ripped off by their boyfriend(s). But what you have to remember is that the Thai girls from the bar may be able to speak English, but have big problems trying to write in English. So that is one very obvious reason why I don’t get too many emails from the ladies of the night. I do not suggest that your friends “cop it on the chin” but do recommend that everyone takes care. The commercial end of Pattaya is no different from similar areas throughout the world. The Latin Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) should not be forgotten.

Pay up or shut up
Dear Hillary,
You always make it sound so easy to meet up with an honest Thai woman, rather than going to the bars for a companion. It’s not that easy, Hillary. My friends have had the same problems as me. The girls from the bars want to get into my wallet, but so does your “good” girls. The only difference is it takes longer to get to know the goodies, but they have the sticky fingers just the same. What I want to know, is this a genetic thing with Thai women?

Dear Jack,
You men are all the same, complaining about your wives, girlfriends taking your hard earned money. That’s in the West as well as the East. What do you expect? You consider your female partner to be your personal property and start crying when the woman asks for money to put up with you. I think it is a genetic thing with western men.

Soft drink saga
Dear Hillary,
Like you always advise us, look for the “good” girls, and I have found one, but there’s still a problem. She works in a dress shop and is really quite a stunner. I pass by every day and if she spots me, I always get a wave and a big smile. Sometimes I catch her outside the shop and she is always happy to chat. In English which makes it even better, because my Thai is not so good. She saw that I had bought a soft drink one day and told me what soft drink she likes and so I have been buying a can for her and giving it to her if she is outside. But today she just looked away and I was too embarrassed to go further. Hillary, I have put six months into this, and I am starting to feel the chase after “good” girls isn’t worth it. What do you suggest?
Drink Can

Dear Drink Can,
You are certainly not the one to be pro-active, are you? After six months and the best you have been able to do in this relationship is to buy her a 10 baht can of drink and chat for a few minutes outside a dress shop. For six months this wonderful “good” girl has been waiting for something a little better than a can of soft drink. Just what do you chat about? The merits of aluminium cans over steel ones? The weather? Dress fashions? You are a wimp, my Petal. Just what have you put into this relationship in the six months? She has been waiting for you to ask her out, to dinner, to a disco, to the movies – anywhere that young people go to start a relationship. And the best you have managed is a can of soft drink. Honestly, what is wrong with you young people these days? You don’t deserve a good girl. No wonder she eventually just gave up on you.


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