Woman rescued from transmission tower in Sriracha

Luan Suttaram, in a state of emotional distress perches on a signal transmission tower about 10 meters above the ground as Sriracha District Chief, Worajak Sathapornpinyo and Luan’s granddaughter, try to persuade her to come down.

SRIRACHA, Thailand – A woman who climbed a signal transmission tower behind a football field in Bang Phra Sub-district was rescued by the Sawang Prateep Sriracha Rescue Unit after a tense and challenging operation. The woman, identified as Luan Suttaram, aged 46, was reportedly in a state of emotional distress following a video call with her granddaughter.

The rescue operation was launched at 12.30 p.m. on November 29, after the rescue unit received a report that a woman was perched on top of the transmission tower, about 10 meters above the ground. The rescue tried to negotiate with Luan, but she did not respond to their attempts.

Sriracha District Chief, Worajak Sathapornpinyo, also joined the rescue operation and engaged in discussions with Luan for about an hour, but without success. Luan’s granddaughter, a student at a local school in Bang Phra Subdistrict, was brought to the scene by her teacher, hoping that she could persuade Luan to come down. However, Luan remained unresponsive to the intervention of her family members and rescue personnel.

At around 1.40 p.m. rescue volunteers decided to scale the transmission tower and provide immediate assistance to Luan. They used safety ropes and a cherry picker from the Sriracha Municipality to maneuver through the narrow access points and reach Luan. They managed to secure Luan and lowered her safely to the ground using the cherry picker.

Luan was transported to Laem Chabang Hospital for further medical attention. Investigations revealed that Luan had initiated the distressing situation by climbing the tower after an emotional video call with her granddaughter. The motive behind Luan’s action is still unclear, and the authorities are looking into the matter.

Rescue volunteers scale the transmission tower to reach Luan Suttaram, and firmly secured her with ropes before safely lowering her to the ground.