Excavation work resumes on South Pattaya Road

Construction work has started again at the intersection of South Pattaya Road and Walking Street after digging and installing drainage pipes were temporarily halted for the Fireworks and Loy Krathong Festivals.

PATTAYA, Thailand – After a brief pause for the firework and Loy Krathong Festival, heavy excavation work has resumed at the intersection of South Pattaya Road and Walking Street on November 29. The construction activities are part of a long-term urban development project that aims to improve the infrastructure and landscape of the area.

The excavation work began in early November and was temporarily halted for the festival, which transformed the area into a lively and colorful venue for celebrations. However, the festival was only a temporary event, and the city administration has announced that the excavation work will continue until the end of the year. The construction activities are expected to cause traffic disruptions and noise pollution in the area and the public is advised to exercise caution and patience while traveling through the intersection.

The city administration has also reassured the public that the excavation work is necessary and beneficial for the long-term development of Pattaya. The project aims to improve the drainage system, install underground cables, widen the road, and beautify the landscape of the intersection. The project is part of a larger plan to upgrade the infrastructure and urban environment of Pattaya, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand.