Woman escapes unharmed after car plunges into sea

A Toyota Vios sedan, with a Mukdaharn license plate, is partially submerged in the sea at Bang Saray Beach, south of Pattaya, after crashing through the barrier. The young woman driver escaped unharmed and left the scene before the rescue teams arrived.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A woman miraculously survived after her car crashed into the sea at Bang Saray Beach, south of Pattaya, on December 7.

The Sattahip rescue unit received an urgent call from local residents around 3 p.m., reporting that a sedan had careened off the beach and into the water. The rescue teams arrived at the scene within minutes and found a Toyota Vios sedan, with a Mukdaharn license plate, partially submerged in the sea. A crowd of curious onlookers had gathered around the car, but the driver was nowhere to be seen.

Eyewitnesses told the rescue teams that the car had been parked along the beachfront before it suddenly accelerated, broke through the barrier, and plunged into the sea. They said that the driver, a young woman, managed to get out of the car and make a phone call, but did not reveal her identity or explain what had happened. She then left the scene before the rescue teams arrived.

The rescue teams towed the car out of the water and inspected it for any clues. They found no signs of mechanical failure or foul play, and speculated that the incident might have been caused by human error or a medical condition. They also noted that the incident occurred at a time when the sea level had receded, which prevented the car from sinking deeper and possibly drowning the driver.

The authorities praised the natural conditions that saved the woman’s life, and urged her to come forward and provide more details about the incident. They said that they need to verify her identity and check her health condition, as well as to clear any doubts or suspicions about the incident. They also appealed to anyone who might have more information or evidence about the incident to contact them.

“We are glad that the woman escaped unharmed, but we are also puzzled by her actions and motives. We hope that she will cooperate with us and tell us the truth about what happened. We also hope that anyone who witnessed the incident or has any relevant information will help us with our investigation,” they said.

Curious beachgoers gather to look at the car that plunged into the sea at the picturesque Bang Saray Beach. The cause of the incident is still under investigation.