Waterworks declares “no water shortage” in Pattaya this year

Waterworks Regional Director, Singhchai Inpichai, unveils strategic initiatives to secure raw water from various reservoirs, ensuring sufficient supply for the region’s needs.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The head of the Waterworks for Region 1 took center stage on May 5 to announce his plans to tackle Pattaya’s pressing water concerns, reassuring residents of Banglamung and Pattaya that water scarcity would not mar their daily lives this season.

With a strategic plan in hand, Singhchai Inpichai, the Waterworks Regional Director unveiled initiatives aimed at harnessing raw water from multiple reservoirs to meet the demands of the public, industries, and businesses in the region.

He said that, a comprehensive assessment of five primary reservoirs – Nong Klang Dong, Huai Khun Chit, Huai Saphan, Mabprachan, and Chak Nok -revealed an encouraging outlook. These reservoirs collectively boast a capacity of 13 million cubic meters, with current raw water levels satisfying 30% of the tap water requirements in the Banglamung and Pattaya districts. This translates to a substantial 4.5 million cubic meters of water available for consumption and production.

Detailed analyses of individual reservoirs underscored varying water levels, yet all remain above the critical threshold to meet demand. To further bolster reserves, Singhchai underscored ongoing collaborations with the Department of Irrigation, aiming to augment raw water intake at the Bang Phra Reservoir by an additional 12,000 cubic meters daily.

Simultaneously, efforts are underway in conjunction with the Eastern Waterworks Company to ensure seamless and consistent water distribution across Pattaya’s network. Singhchai reiterated that with meticulous planning and concerted efforts, the region remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining a stable and reliable water supply for all.