Instructor fatally shoots recruit at Samut Songkhram fire station

Police discover Nanthaporn Taisakul lifeless on a couch in the radio room of Samut Songkhram Municipality Fire Station, clutching his phone, after being fatally shot in the head by his instructor Charoen Khamthawi with an 11mm firearm.

SAMUT SONGKRAM, Thailand – On May 4, at the Samut Songkhram Municipality Fire Station, Charoen Khamthawi, 48, known as Instructor Deaw, shot and killed fellow firefighter Nanthaporn Taisakul, 25, during a heated argument. Nanthaporn was found lifeless on a couch in the radio room, clutching his phone, with a fatal gunshot wound to his head inflicted by an 11mm firearm.

After the shooting, Khamthawi surrendered himself to authorities, handing over an 11mm pistol, one magazine, four bullets, and a black pouch with extra ammunition. Sgt. Chaiwat Omnok, head of the Samut Songkhram Municipality Fire Station expressed dismay, noting the altercation occurred in the presence of other employees.

CCTV footage captured Khamthawi retrieving the firearm from his truck, shooting Nanthaporn and then informing the mayor before surrendering. Witness Tinakorn Phanthong said that Khamthawi, a long-time employee, often clashed with Nanthaporn, who lacked experience and training. He suggested workplace tensions and disrespect among employees may have fueled the altercation. Nanthaporn’s social media posts with firearms and his background as a former Muay Thai boxer raised concerns about motives and perceived threats.

Authorities promised a thorough investigation to ensure accountability. The incident prompts reflection on safety within fire stations, typically seen as havens of security.