Water shortage brings economic woes to frustrated Pattaya residents

Residents voice their frustration to the press over the dire water shortage situation, which has left many households without running water for over a week.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Residents living in the area near Royal Palace Hotel, opposite the Royal Garden Plaza on Pattaya Second Road have complaint about severe water shortages in their homes. For over a week, many households have been without running water, marking a significant escalation from the typical low pressure or intermittent outages that usually last 2-3 days. This time, the water supply has been completely unavailable for an extended period.

Local residents, including shop owners, have voiced their frustration and confusion. According to the water billing staff, the issue is due to a pressure error. However, this explanation has provided little solace to those affected. The prolonged lack of water has forced residents to purchase water at the cost of 300-500 baht per truck. Each truck of water lasts only 3-4 days, or as little as 2 days for those with higher usage, resulting in substantial expenses amounting to several thousand baht per month.”Having to buy water every few days is financially draining,” said one local shop owner. “We need a permanent solution, not just temporary fixes.”

Residents have requested the assistance of Nikom Saengkaew, Pattaya City Councillor in addressing the severe water shortage near Royal Palace Hotel, opposite Royal Garden Plaza on Pattaya Second Road.

In response to these complaints, reporters have notified Nikom Saengkaew, a Pattaya City Council member for District 4, requesting his assistance in coordinating with water authority officials to inspect and resolve the issue. The affected residents are hopeful for a prompt solution to alleviate their ongoing hardships which impact not just daily routines but also their economic stability.