Victim seeks justice after road rage assault at Pattaya railway crossing

Panuwat Singhthong recounts the harrowing road rage incident to reporters. The altercation began with an argument, escalating to a physical assault when a young man kicked and punched him after an argument with his presumed mother.

PATTAYA, Thailand – CCTV footage captured a troubling incident at the railway crossing on Soi Chaipornwithi, east Pattaya, on May 6. It shows a young man kicking a middle-aged motorcyclist who was parking by the roadside, following an argument with the man and his presumed mother. The altercation escalated when the young man punched the motorcyclist in the face, prompting intervention from a bystander to de-escalate the situation.

The victim, Panuwat Singhthong, 49, riding a Honda Wave motorcycle, recounted the incident to reporters on May 13. He explained that while heading towards the Government Housing Village on Chaipornwithi Road after work, heavy traffic at the railway intersection forced him to slow down. As he attempted to turn right across the railway, he was struck by a grey-black Honda Jazz car, resulting in a minor collision.

Panuwat politely questioned the car driver about her rush, but she responded angrily with inappropriate language. Despite his attempts to resolve the situation peacefully, the verbal altercation escalated when the woman’s son, seated in the passenger seat, physically attacked Panuwat, kicking him from behind while he was straddling his motorcycle and then punching him.

Visibly bruised from the attack, Panuwat expressed disappointment and disbelief, emphasizing his efforts to avoid conflict. He reported the incident to Banglamung Police Station and hopes for apologies from both the female driver and her son. Panuwat affirmed his commitment to legal proceedings to address the assault.