Two police officers injured as drunk driver collides with patrol car

Rescue workers carefully extricate an injured policeman from the wreckage of a crashed patrol truck in the woods, providing vital assistance and ensuring his safe transfer for urgent medical treatment.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a late-night incident on March 2nd, two police officers were severely injured when a drunk woman driver collided her pickup truck with a stationary police patrol car, causing both vehicles to hurtle into the nearby woods. The accident occurred on Local Highway 2081 in Pong Sub-district, East Pattaya.

The collision involved a Chevrolet pickup truck and a patrol truck from the Nongprue Police Station, both of which overturned upon impact. Pol. Cpl. Prakasit Khongsama (29) sustained severe injuries, including a fractured skull, chest trauma, and leg injuries, while Pol. Cpl. Sitthisak Silakan (26) suffered lacerations to the mouth and bruising across the body.

Prompt medical assistance was rendered by a volunteer rescue team at the scene before the injured officers were transported to the hospital for further treatment. Ms. Janjira Duansantia (34), the driver of the Chevrolet pickup truck, was found to be heavily intoxicated at the accident site.

An injured policeman being carried on a stretcher for medical attention, alongside images of the two damaged trucks after being hurled into the woods following the collision.”

According to Pol. Cpl. Nakarin Wongpu, the investigating officer, the collision occurred as the patrol truck was waiting to make a left turn. The speeding Chevrolet pickup veered into the lane occupied by the police vehicle, resulting in the crash and subsequent overturning of the patrol car into the nearby woods.

Pol. Cpl. Nakarin stressed that the police officers were engaged in routine patrol duties and were stationary when the speeding pickup truck collided with them unexpectedly, leading to the tragic incident.

Janjira Duansantia underwent an alcohol level test at the hospital, which indicated a blood alcohol concentration of 192 milligrams per decilitre. Consequently, she has been charged, and further investigations by the police are underway in adherence to legal protocols.