TV thief gets caught on CCTV and by Pattaya police

A CCTV grab shows Sataporn Onmak sneaking off with the 40” flat TV on his motorbike.

During these difficult economic times, too many good people are turning to crime for the sake of survival.

One such person is Sataporn Onmak, 42, who in his desperation to get money snuck into a construction workers’ site in Nong Plalai and absconded with a 40” flat screen TV.

The theft was caught on CCTV camera May 23, showing Sataporn leaving the scene of the crime, with the flat screen TV tucked onto his Honda Click motorbike.

On discovering that his TV was stolen, Jakthip Chumnong, 33, reported the theft to Banglamung police showing the CCTV video of the criminal act.

Upon investigation, police were able to determine the thief’s identity and his place of employment where they promptly showed up to arrest the culprit on May 28.

Sataporn confessed to the crime and said that he was desperate to get some money to pay for his daily needs, so he stole the TV and pawned it for 1000 baht.

He was charged with theft of property and using a motorbike to assist in his getaway.

With the hard evidence on display, Banglamung police interrogate Sataporn about his crime.