Pattaya monks donate funds to help the bedridden in our communities

Phra Rachasansophon, Chief Abbot of Wat Chaimongkol, presides over the presentation of funds for the relief of bed-ridden people in Pattaya.

Wat Chaimongkol Royal Temple in Pattaya, in cooperation with the Pattaya Culture Council, donated 195,000 baht to purchase relief packages for distribution to 130 bed-ridden people.

The packages contained dried food and amenities to help them get by during these times of economic hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Phra Rachasansophon, Deputy Ecclesiastical Provincial Governor of Chonburi and Abbot of the temple, said the donations were made possible from accumulating monetary offerings to the temple and the Pattaya Culture Council by the devout.

The chief abbot said, “Now is the time for the clergy to give back to the people in return for all that we have received from the congregation throughout the years. We must show that we love and care for our people and that we will not abandon each other.”

Volunteers bring dried food and amenities to an elderly bed-ridden man in the community.

A Pattaya city health worker shows an elderly lady how to properly put on a face mask.