Transvestites snatch Bahraini tourist’s bag on Pattaya baht-bus

Bahraini tourist Hasan Mohamed Almuqahwi (left) tells a policeman of how two transvestites snatched his bag as he was getting off a baht bus at his hotel and fled on foot.

A 55-year-old tourist from Bahrain, Hasan Mohamed Almuqahwi, experienced an unfortunate incident during his late-night baht-bus ride from Soi Bua Khao back to his hotel on September 28, prompting him to report a robbery to the local Pattaya police.

Hasan told the police that two women, visibly transvestites, had joined him on the baht-bus. Engaging in what seemed like casual conversation, the journey took an unexpected turn as the vehicle approached the hotel where Hasan intended to disembark.

Seizing a fleeting opportunity, one of the women snatched Hasan’s bag, containing 7,000 baht, 60 Dinars, and essential documents. Hasan attempted to restrain the suspected thief, but failed. In a blink, the two transvestites made a quick escape on foot, leaving Hasan in hot pursuit but without success.

Following the incident, Hasan reported the theft to the local authorities. The Pattaya police promptly initiated an investigation, diligently examining closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage to identify and apprehend the suspects.