Public transport hostilities disrupt Pattaya city life and safety

Chanai Waisuwan reported to Pattaya police that he had been harassed and verbally abused by a fellow Pattaya taxi driver on Pattaya Beach Road near the entrance to Walking Street South Pattaya.

Pattaya, Thailand – In the early hours of September 28, Chanai Waisuwan, a 46-year-old taxi driver, reported to Pattaya police about an incident of alleged vehicle damage and harassment by fellow Pattaya taxi drivers. The altercation occurred on Pattaya Beach Road near the entrance to Walking Street South Pattaya and was recorded on video, serving as crucial evidence.

Chanai said that he had transported passengers from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok to a Pattaya hotel. On his return along Beach Road, he encountered traffic congestion, causing delays. An unidentified man approached his taxi, engaged in aggressive verbal exchange, and attempted to force the car door open, even hitting the window. Chanai maintained that he had not provoked the man and was en route to his taxi station.

Pattaya Police Station dispatched officers to investigate, inviting the individual in the video to provide a statement. This person claimed that Chanai’s taxi had obstructed the road, leading to a traffic backlog, resulting in a verbal dispute. He denied any intention of physical harm.

Residents have strongly voiced their concern regarding these recurring conflicts among taxi drivers, motorbike taxis and baht-buses, which are a threat to the public’s safety and wellbeing.