Transgender woman robs Russian tourists’ gold necklaces on Jomtien Beach

Nikolay Smirnov and Elena Smirnova, two Russian tourists reported to Pattaya police that a transgender woman (inset) had stolen their gold necklaces and some cash while they were strolling on Jomtien Beach.

Pattaya police arrested a transgender woman suspected of robbing two Russian tourists of their gold necklaces and some cash.

Police said that Watcharapong approached Russian tourists Nikolay Smirnov, 51, and Elena Smirnova, 51, on May 23, while they were strolling along Jomtien Beach, engaging them in conversation and requesting a photograph. Exploiting the situation, the suspect hugged them tightly, before stealing their gold necklaces and 2,500 Baht in cash. The victims immediately reported the incident to the Dongtan Police Substation.

Promptly responding to the report, Pattaya police gathered evidence from CCTV footage and witness statements, later discovering that the suspect had sold one necklace to a gold shop in Pattaya before fleeing to Bangkok. Having run out of money, the thief contacted the same gold shop to tell them that he was coming from Bangkok to sell them another gold chain.

Little did he know that police had got wind of his plan and were waiting. As soon as Watcharapong arrived at the gold shop and tried to sell the second gold chain, police pounced on him.

During the interrogation, Watcharapong admitted to the crime, claiming it was his first offense. The suspect confessed to using the stolen money for lending to friends and online gambling. The police have taken custody of the suspect and initiated legal procedures to ensure a thorough investigation and prosecution.