Tragic fall claims life of Chinese tourist in Pattaya

Rescue personnel solemnly survey the scene where Yuanhui Lai tragically fell from the 18th floor of a condominium, marking a somber end to his visit to Pattaya.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A sombre scene unfolded on February 11, as the lifeless body of Yuanhui Lai, a 35-year-old Chinese tourist, was discovered on the ground floor outside a 31-story condominium building on Pattaya Second Road.

Lai was found lying motionless, clad in a black round-neck short-sleeved shirt and black trousers, with evident signs of multiple fractures. Nearby, his grieving wife and child, both Chinese nationals, were seen mourning the tragic loss.

Pattaya police reported that the deceased had arrived in Pattaya to celebrate the Chinese New Year and was accommodated on the 18th floor of Building A. Prior to the fateful incident; Lai and his wife were involved in a heated argument. Tragically, Lai in a state of exasperation climbed out of a window and fell to his death.

Authorities transported the body to the Police General Hospital for a comprehensive forensic examination, while the Chinese Embassy has been notified to facilitate the repatriation process in accordance with customary practices. An on-going investigation aims to uncover the precise sequence of events leading to this unfortunate tragedy.