German assaulted by Go-Go bar thugs in Pattaya

Mike Groebiinghoff, in a red shirt, and his Thai girlfriend file a report at the Pattaya Police Station, seeking justice after an assault by a group of A-Go-Go bar thugs in Soi Bua Khao over a dispute for motorcycle parking space.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A German national was assaulted by Go-Go bar thugs in Soi Buakhao in the early hours of February 12 resulting in injuries to his left ear. The assault, allegedly perpetrated by a group associated with a Go-Go bar in the entertainment area, resulted in injuries to Mike Groebiinghoff’s left ear.

The incident occurred when Groebiinghoff, 46, together with his Thai girlfriend attempted to park his motorbike in front of the bar, only to be have a group of Go-Go bar brutes rudely grab the parking spot, which annoyed the German. Despite several horn signals from the couple asking the staff to move their motorcycles, they refused to budge.

An argument ensued, escalating into a physical altercation involving the Go-Go ruffians helped by additional bar hoodlums. This confrontation led to Groebiinghoff’s injuries. Distressed by the incident, he promptly notified the police for assistance. Upon initial inquiry, the police inspected the CCTV cameras in front of the bar to gather evidence. However, it was revealed that footage during the critical moments was missing, with the bar management claiming technical difficulties with the cameras.

The injured party was advised to file a formal complaint at the Pattaya City Police Station. Investigators plan to take further action, including sending forensic teams to inspect the CCTV footage and apprehend the individuals involved for legal proceedings.