Electricity meter tampering uncovered in Pattaya apartment complex

Authorities and PEA representatives inspect an electricity meter in Building 12 of the Government Housing Project, Jomtien Road, following the discovery of illicit tampering.

PATTAYA, Thailand – An investigation conducted on February 12 at the Government Housing Project in Pattaya unveiled rampant electricity meter tampering. Led by the project manager, in collaboration with Na Jomtien police investigators and representatives from the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Jomtien branch, the inspection was prompted by irregularities in electricity consumption patterns within Building 12.

Despite residents receiving inflated electricity bills, a detailed examination revealed significant disparities between recorded consumption and actual usage in individual units. Officials uncovered evidence of tampering near the meters’ side panels, indicating deliberate manipulation of measurements. The severity of the tampering became evident with a staggering 41.979% reduction in actual electricity consumption, current, and load, underscoring the illicit nature of the activity.

The compromised meter was promptly confiscated, sealed, and documented, with witnesses corroborating the seizure’s legitimacy. Forensic experts will further analyse the evidence to ascertain the full extent of tampering and potential legal ramifications. The management issued a stern warning against tampering, emphasizing its illegality and the looming legal consequences. They said that they will conduct random inspections to safeguard against future infractions.