Traffic lines and signs painted in central Pattaya

Soi Arunothai Community Chairman Amnuay Muangthong (left, white shirt, wearing hat), looks on as a member of the mayor’s Transportation Department team explains how best to get the job done.

Workers painted lane lines and installed new signs to improve traffic safety in central Pattaya.

A Transportation Department team descended on Soi Arunothai Oct. 15, where residents had complained about traffic congestion and accidents.

Drivers ignored traffic laws, probably thinking that since no lanes were marked or signs, they could drive as they liked.

Lines were painted on the main street as well as five sidestreets. Diagonal lines were painted at the corners to encourage drivers to stop, and to tell motorists they couldn’t park there.

Workers in central Pattaya paint a stop sign on Soi Arunothai to improve traffic safety.