30 arrested at illegal casino in Pattaya-Takhiantia

Chonburi Investigation Police arrested thirty people, mostly women, playing cards in Takhiantia, Banglamung.

Thirty housewives were arrested when Chonburi police raided a Takhiantia house operating what they called an underground casino.

The women had set up folding tables in a friend’s house to play “poke dang,” a card game loosely based on poker.

The Oct. 15 operation that began around 10:30 p.m. took five hours to complete, with officers seizing cards, tables, equipment and cash.

Banglamung police claimed to know about the casino and had to watch as the Chonburi Investigative Bureau swooped in to make the arrests.

The devious gambling housewives were caught with cards, folding tables, and cash.