Tourist police ramp up safety measures ahead of Q4 surge in Pattaya

Pol. Lt. Gen. Saksira Puekaum, Commissioner of the Tourist Police Bureau accompanied by Sukraj Singh Kalra, President of the Thai Indian Pattaya Businesses Association inspects Walking Street, reinforcing safety measures and engaging with local businesses and tourists.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pol. Lt. Gen. Saksira Puekaum, Commissioner of the Tourist Police Bureau, led a crucial meeting on June 20 to strengthen safety measures for tourists visiting Pattaya in the upcoming fourth quarter.

Highlighting the Prime Minister’s 2024 initiative to implement a “Visa-Free” policy for foreign tourists to boost national tourism, Pol. Lt. Gen. Saksira emphasized its dual aim of promoting tourism across 55 provinces and reinforcing security measures to enhance tourist confidence.

In line with government directives, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports introduced stringent measures to raise safety standards for tourists. The Tourist Police Bureau has launched robust initiatives to improve safety, including crackdowns on illegal activities such as unlicensed tour guides, substandard tours, and exploitative sales practices. A targeted enforcement operation is scheduled from June 19 to 25 to address these issues.

Discussions also addressed concerns regarding disruptive tours and fraudulent product sales, with directives issued for thorough investigations and decisive actions. Progress on the Strong Tourist Community (S.T.C.) project was reviewed, highlighting its use of AI for monitoring and enhancing security across 33 locations in Walking Street through integrated CCTV surveillance.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Saksira highlighted anticipated increases in tourist arrivals for Q4 and stressed the implementation of enhanced safety measures across tourist areas, supported by Thai and international volunteers. The Tourist Police’s emergency service hotline (1155) now operates in five languages around the clock, with plans to expand support to three additional languages.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Saksira Puekaum, chairs a meeting on tourist safety in Pattaya attended by city officials and embassy representatives from South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, India, and Switzerland, followed by an evening inspection of Walking Street,

The meeting brought together key officials from the Pattaya Police Station, Department of Tourism and Sports, Pattaya Regional Marine Office, Pattaya Nightlife Business Association, Walking Street Community, Immigration officers, Pattaya city officials, and embassy representatives from South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, India, and Switzerland.

Following the meeting, Pol. Lt. Gen. Saksira and his team conducted an inspection of Walking Street, ensuring operational readiness, initiating targeted actions against ten prohibited groups, and engaging with local businesses and tourists to reinforce safety measures.