Crackdown on illegal migrant workers in Pattaya continue

Authorities discover 55 Myanmar nationals and 2 Indian nationals during a raid at an apartment on Soi Khopai, South Pattaya. Twenty-five Myanmar nationals were arrested for illegal entry as they lacked proper legal status in Thailand.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a concerted effort to uphold immigration laws and curb illegal labour practices, the Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration Office, Pol. Col. Napaspong Khositsuriyamani, spearheaded multiple operations targeting suspected illegal migrant housing sites in Pattaya.

On June 18, a raid conducted at an apartment on Soi Khopai in South Pattaya led to the discovery of 55 Myanmar nationals and 2 Indian nationals. Of these, 32 had valid documentation, while 25 Myanmar nationals lacked proper legal status in Thailand and were promptly arrested for illegal entry. Additionally, an 80-year-old Thai national was detained for failing to report the residence of foreign nationals as required by law.

Simultaneously, following another tip-off, Chonburi Immigration Police raided a community area in Soi Land Office, South Pattaya, on the same day. There, they apprehended 68 individuals from Myanmar and India who were residing without proper identification documents. These individuals, primarily men employed in local restaurants and service establishments, cited economic reasons for coming to Thailand amid conflict in their home countries.

Officers detain six Cambodian nationals near Chak Nok Reservoir in Huay Yai sub-district, East of Pattaya. They were accused of engaging in construction work without passports or work permits.

The crackdown continued on June 19, with an operation near Chak Nok Reservoir in Huay Yai sub-district, East of Pattaya. Officers targeted a foreign worker camp and detained six Cambodian nationals found without passports or work permits, involved in construction jobs. They admitted to entering Thailand illegally through natural border channels in Tak Province.

All detained individuals face charges under the Immigration Act 1979 for illegal entry and residence in Thailand. They are held pending legal proceedings and deportation arrangements back to their respective countries.