Toddler rescued after getting locked in car

Rescue workers did not wait for a locksmith to arrive but smashed the window of the car to rescue the 3-year-old girl locked inside the sweltering vehicle.

Chonburi rescuers broke into a Honda compact to rescue a toddler locked in the hot car.

Trikunnatham Chonburi rescue foundation volunteers didn’t wait for a locksmith before smashing the window of the Honda Jazz July 14 to save a sweating 3-year-old.

The child’s mother, Suwapat Noolar, 39, said she had left the door open and the keys in the car at a Muang District curtain shop. But “Nong Pasa” pulled the door shut and it automatically locked.

Editor’s Note: A warning to all parents, guardians and care givers, who take their children on shopping trips, “Do not leave your children unattended in the car, even if it’s only for a few minutes. You are putting your kids in harm’s way and tragedy can strike at any moment. If anything untoward should happen to your child, you will never forgive yourselves for the rest of your lives.”

Suwapat Noolar consoles her daughter after saving her from her terrifying ordeal.