Thai navy medics rescue Indian tanker crew off Sattahip coast

The Thai navy rescue team tends to Fernandes Thomson before transferring him to Laem Thian Pier and on to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya for urgent medical attention.

SATTAHIP, Thailand – An Indian national, Fernandes Thomson, working aboard the tanker “Sea Galaxy,” positioned about 25 nautical miles from Cape Phu Chao off the coast of Sattahip District, lost consciousness, rendering him unable to speak or move his limbs. Medical personnel onboard determined that Thomson, 46, likely suffered from symptoms indicative of a ruptured brain aneurysm. He remained unconscious for approximately 30 minutes.

The attending physician at the Naval Medical Emergency Center at the Abhakornkiatiwong Royal Thai Naval Hospital promptly requested helicopter assistance. However, due to adverse weather conditions and limited visibility, it was deemed safer to transfer the patient via sea vessel.

The Air and Coastal Defense Command (ACDC) Royal Thai Navy, Zone 1, was contacted to facilitate the patient’s transfer, dispatching Rescue Vessel T-260 to join the operation manned by the Navy’s Sea Emergency Medical Team 1 from the Royal Thai Naval Hospital.

Fernandes Thomson is safely lowered from the tanker in a rescue basket stretcher onto the Thai Navy Rescue Vessel, to be transported back to Laem Thian Pier for further medical care.

Medical personnel assessed Thomson’s condition, noting weakness in his left arm and signs of aphasia, suggesting a potential ischemic stroke. By 12:10 a.m. on April 10, Thomson was successfully transferred to Laem Thian Pier for onward transportation to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya for continued medical attention.