Pattaya bans high-pressure PVC pipe-guns that can cause blindness

A Pattaya security officer confiscates high-pressure PVC pipe-guns from a shop, emphasizing the grave risk they pose, particularly to the eyes, potentially leading to irreversible blindness.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a concerted effort to safeguard public safety amid the Songkran festivities, the Policy and Planning Division of the Pattaya Municipal Administration has launched a proactive campaign to convey a critical message: the strict prohibition of high-pressure water guns, commonly known as PVC pipe-guns.

Security teams are taking to the streets to disseminate this urgent warning, emphasizing the inherent dangers associated with the sale and usage of these banned water guns. The force generated by high-pressure water guns poses a grave risk, capable of causing serious injuries upon impact, particularly to the delicate organs such as the eyes, potentially leading to irreversible blindness. Moreover, these prohibited devices pose significant hazards to motorcyclists navigating the city’s thoroughfares.

In an effort to reinforce compliance and ensure swift action against violators, citizens are strongly encouraged to report any sightings or incidents involving high-pressure water guns by dialing the dedicated 24-hour hotline, 1337. This proactive measure is aimed at preempting accidents and maintaining a secure environment for all residents and visitors during the upcoming Songkran celebrations in Pattaya.